Top 6 Accessories for Your iPhone

What could be better than a new Apple device that lets you watch movies, play at PlayAmo, and chat with friends? Only a beautiful and useful accessory can be better, from a case that will protect your smartphone from falls and scratches to a comfortable stand so that your iPhone never slips on the table. Here are 6 necessary little things that are sure to be useful to every iPhone owner.

Screen Protecter

It keeps your phone safe from scratches. Even if it falls, it will take the full impact. It will absorb the full force of the fall, and your screen will remain unscathed. If the protective glass fails, you can remove it and stick a new one on. This is the most useful accessory, which is recommended to buy immediately after purchasing a smartphone.


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PopSockets are attached to the back of the phone. It performs two functions: it helps to comfortably position the gadget in your hand and acts as a stand. By the way, it can be easily removed or moved to another place.

Flash for Selfies

Sometimes you need to take selfies, but the light in the room is not enough, and even the flash does not help fix the situation. Then it is time to use an extra light source. An external flash is easy to install on your phone and easy to control. The device will not take up much space in the bag and will give the opportunity to take even better photos.

Gloves for a Touch Screen

This is relevant in winter. Sometimes you need to urgently use the phone, and it is cold outside. If you take off the gloves, your hands will quickly freeze. Then special gloves for touch screens come to the rescue. Nylon fiber will allow you to press the screen and carry out other manipulations with the screen.

Holder for the Car

There are many models and types of holders. They are installed in any convenient place. For example, a holder for the wheel will be convenient if the driver uses the phone as a navigator. If there is a big traffic jam ahead and you can pass the time by watching a movie.

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers allow you to charge your phone in any environment. There are even charger stands. So you can combine the pleasure with the useful. Or you can put it in the car and use the navigator and recharge your phone at the same time.


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